The boat of Friendship.

During years, people I’ve known
Shaping a part of me, a sign of closeness they’ve shown.
Some kept along, some flewed away,
The ones along, are part of me,
The others, of picturesque I’ve made.
They’re friends, as the people say.
Greetings, to my people 🙂


If I’m

If I’m the Sun,
I need
You to be my Shine,

If I’m the Clock,
I need
You to be the TIME,

If I’m the poem,
I need
You to be its Rhyme,

If I’m stuck Somewhere,
I need
You to Be the Lifeline,

If You’re the World,
I Wish to be of Mine,

If You’re the Cook
I Wish to be the Dish,

I You’re the Water
I Wish to be the fish.

My Side

You’re like,
The Morning Sunshine,
The Warmth of the Sun, Before its Nine,

You’re like,
The Beautiful Red Rose,
To You my Love,
I’ll gift you those.

You’re the,
Thing of beauty,
Your charm, this beauty
Will Cherish My heart
till Eternity,

You’re the,
One Who’ll Make me Complete,
Without You
I’ll loose Before I Compete,

You’re Mine,
Piece of Luck,
If You aren’t with me,
I’ll get chucked.

You’re mine,
Source of Light,
So Bright,
And the One,
I want By My Side.